Q4 Update to 2021 Economic Outlook Forecasts 13.2% Investment Gains and 5.3% GDP Growth

Investment Momentum Monitor shows construction equipment investment staying elevated over the next three to six months. Due largely to the burst of business activity in the spring and early summer, thanks in part to rising vaccination rates, annual U.S. GDP growth is projected at 5.3% for 2021, a factor that will help to maintain investment momentum throughout 2021. Annual equipment and software investment is currently forecast to expand 13.2% for 2021, according to the Q4 update to the 2021 Equipment Leasing & Finance U.S. Economic Outlook released by the Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation. A separate report released with the Outlook projects investment in construction machinery and other industrial equipment will remain elevated over the next three to six months. The U.S. Economic Outlook, which is focused on the nearly $1 trillion equipment leasing and finance industry, highlights key trends in equipment investment and places them in the context of the broader U.S. economic climate. The Foundation produces the report in partnership with economic and public policy consulting firm Keybridge Research. READ FULL ARTICLE>>