Preparing to Sell Your Rental Business

By Gary Stansberry The current market for selling a business is outstanding. But there are ways to prepare to enhance its value and pitfalls to avoid. Thinking of selling your business? This is a major life event right up there with marriage, having kids or even a death in the family. My strong recommendation to potential clients is to make sure you have a high degree of confidence, if, and when, you take your business to market, that it will sell and sell at a price that makes sense for you. I’ve seen businesses out there that have a reputation of “always being for sale” and that can negatively affect an acquirer’s perception of your business. For those of you that have followed my articles in the past, I speak of the “macro” and the “micro” of market dynamics when looking at selling a rental company. The “macro” refers to how the overall market for rental industry acquisitions is doing. From my perspective, the acquisition market for equipment rental companies is robust with all four publicly traded companies actively looking to expand via acquisition as well as several private equity-backed regional companies and larger regional independents. I was personally involved with the frenzied acquisition market in the late 1990s; I’m not going to say that the current activity level is equal to those “glory days” but I will say that the current market (since late 2021) is the closest I’ve seen to that in my career. READ FULL ARTICLE >>