Predicting the outcome of a Sales Meeting is easy. Sort of.

by Jeffrey Gitomer Crystal balls. Don’t you wish you had one when you were preparing for a big sales call? Even more when you were in a big sales presentation? Predicting the future is actually pretty easy if you’re armed with three things:

  1. Information about the prospect and his business.
  2. The right questions.
  3. The ability to see the big picture.

Susan C. Gatton, a sales consultant who specializes in sales strategies for Fortune 500 Companies says, “A crystal ball is nothing more than taking a broad look at information derived from reading existing stuff and asking powerful questions. Information that (if understood) will predict the future.” Gatton continues, “There are three places to gain crystal ball information. Past, present, and future. Just look at the elements of each time period, and how they affect the prospect and his use of your product and/or service, and presto, you create your own ability to predict the future.” Pretty cool huh? READ FULL ARTICLE>>