Parts Campaigns and Promotions

Have you ever considered the counter or telephone sales job functions at an equipment dealership? High stress, work comes in tsunamis, or there is a lull in the action and it gets tedious. I have bad memories of how much the parts counter and telephone sales job functions can become an endurance test to get to the end of the day. The phone is ringing constantly, customers and others are walking in for service, and they seem to comes in hard and fast nearly all day long. It is almost impossible at times during the day to keep up. One of the many challenges that I faced was how to make the job exciting. How to put some sizzle into it. I wrote last week about the fact that we didn’t have enough people to regularly contact all of our customers, and yes that is very true. BUT I want to add to the problem. I want to create some excitement in the department. To make it a “cool” place to work. In one of our subject-specific classes “What’s Your Why” I ask the question of “What Do You Do? If you are at a party or a church social or a pub and someone asks you what you do, what is your answer? Think about that. Then in the class, I ask them to tell me how they do it. Some can tell me, however, many will struggle with the explanation. But I really stop the room when I ask them “Why Do You Do It?” And I tell them they can’t say it is to make money. READ FULL ARTICLE >>