Online Reviews: Sharing the News! How to leverage online reviews into your best marketing tool

On-line reviews are referred to more than any other marketing resource. They drive customers’ purchases and influence their choices of where to do business. More than 90% of customers rely on reviews to guide their decisions. Your online reputation truly is created by what your customers say online. How to make sure customers see your great reviews Most reviews will get some passive exposure when potential customers seek them out, but reviews can be so much more than just random messages in bottles tossed into the internet ocean, hoping to be discovered. In order to leverage the power of online reviews, it’s important to view them as a marketing resource with a structured plan, not just as an interesting aside. The second post in this series provided some guidance on how to cultivate a robust online review system, starting with tips on how to encourage your customers to share their experiences. It notes the importance of monitoring what your customers are saying, so a posted review is never allowed to languish in cyberspace. If it is negative or raises concerns, you should have an internal system ready to address it (more on that in the 4th post in this series). A positive review is where the marketing gold is, so be ready to… READ FULL ARTICLE>>