Online Reviews: Coping with Negative Comments

What to do when a customer posts a poor review We know that the vast majority of buyers check online for others’ experiences before they complete a purchase, and that even one negative review can have lasting impact. While only 6% of customers write a review, it turns out that a dissatisfied person will tell their tale to 10 more people than a satisfied one. So, it’s possible that your online reputation is being unevenly impacted by just a few negative reviews, unless you have a solid plan for how to identify and respond to problems raised in reviews. Comcast, the telecommunications and internet giant, provides a cautionary tale about what happens when you don’t have a plan. Comcast gained the unfortunate reputation of hating their customers after reviews simmered online describing how Comcast customer service reps changed the names of customers they didn’t like to insults. Without any mechanism internally to identify, escalate, or resolve these reviews, the problem spread, stories eventually made it into the press, and the notion that Comcast is one of the worst companies in America became permanently woven into their corporate brand. This could have been avoided with an internal process that would immediately escalate the reviews rather than allowing them to get swept under the rug. READ FULL ARTICLE>>