New York One Step Closer to Right to Repair

The New York State Senate has passed right-to-repair legislation which forces OEMs to provide schematics, parts and tools to independent repair providers and customers. S4104, which advances the Digital Fair Repair act, was passed with bipartisan support with 51 senators approving the motion and just 12 voting against. The New York Senate voted on the bill without hosting a signal hearing that would have allowed all opinions to be heard and considered. Josh Evans, vice president of government relations and general counsel for the Equipment Dealers Association, says no other chamber has passed right to repair legislation to date. However, he notes that a lot of similar legislations is cropping up specifically in the Northeast but across the U.S. as well. While the Assembly did not take up similar legislation this session, it is likely to come up in the next session in January. And, Evans says there is a possibility that a special session could be called this fall. VIDEO & FULL ARTICLE>>