Sponsor Level Affiliation

SPONSOR LEVEL AFFILIATION is an acknowledgement of support from organizations and businesses who are not recognized as “Independent Dealers” and therefore do not qualify for membership according to the IEDA organizational by-laws. This level is designed specifically for OEM Dealers, auction companies and industry specific organizations who have a proven record of making ethical business decisions.

Apply for Sponsor Level Affiliation

Sponsor Level Affiliate Application
Business Address
Business Address
Membership Dues Paid Annually
Has your current business been in existence for at least a period of two years time?
I am submitting an application to the Independent Equipment Dealers Association (IEDA), a non profit trade association representing equipment dealers both within the US and abroad. If my application is accepted, I agree to abide by the IEDA Code of Ethics, and will conduct all business practices in an honest, fair and ethical manner.
I understand that as a member of the IEDA, I may be asked to provide one or more of the following documents as proof of my authority to do business: * Business License * Resale Certificate * EIN Number