Associate Member Application

Associate Membership: $1,750 Annually

Associate Membership is reserved for companies who have been in business on their own for at least two years prior to applying for membership in the IEDA and have established a reputation for integrity and ethical business practices offering a product and/or service to Standard Members, often at a discount or with some level of incentive. The IEDA fully supports the Associate Member base, and encourages members to utilize the products and services being offered to them whenever the opportunity should arise.

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Associate Membership Application
Business Address
Business Address
Has your current business been in existence for at least a period of two years time?
Membership Dues Paid Annually
Gross Annual Revenue
I am submitting an application to the Independent Equipment Dealers Association (IEDA), a non profit trade association representing equipment dealers both within the US and abroad. If my application is accepted, I agree to abide by the IEDA Code of Ethics, and will conduct all business practices in an honest, fair and ethical manner.
I understand and agree to the following: The IEDA reserves the right as an organization to arbitrate and remedy disputes among the membership. All disputes will be handled by a mediation panel that is selected by the Board of Directors to review all circumstances in their entirety. The organization of the IEDA elects to give said mediation panel authority to resolve and remedy all issues brought forth to it for review.
I understand that as a member of the IEDA, I may be asked to provide one or more of the following documents as proof of my authority to do business: * Business License * Resale Certificate * EIN Number
Upon acceptance and approval as an IEDA Associate Member, I understand and agree to the following:* The IEDA reserves the right as an organization to arbitrate and make recommendations regarding disputes among its membership. The Board of Directors may also make recommendations regarding situations brought to the Board’s attention by non members. All disputes/conflicts brought forth to the Board of Directors for review will be handled by a three person mediation panel appointed by Board Officers. This panel will be charged with reviewing all circumstances in their entirety. Once the mediation panel has spoken to all involved parties, they will share information with the full IEDA Board of Directors in conference. The full Board will then make recommendations based on a quorum vote of the participating Board. The Board makes recommendations only, and does not act in any capacity as “judge and jury” in any situation. The Board does reserve the right to evaluate membership status based on these recommendations. The principal behind this approach to resolving conflict within the membership directly corresponds to the morals and values our members agree to abide by in the IEDA Code of Ethics.