Leadership Pitfalls to Avoid at All Costs

Not everyone is born to be a leader. The good news, however, is that leadership skills can be developed and refined over time, opening the door to career advancement and higher wages for many in the equipment manufacturing industry. According to leadership expert Terry Tennant, who has presented in the past at CONEXPO-CON/AGG, North America’s largest construction trade show, the first step is recognizing what constitutes a good leader. “The measure of a good leader is how well their team functions without them,” said Terry Tennant. It’s not the easiest concept to grasp, particularly for those who have worked their way up the corporate ladder. They tend to rely on tried and true technical skills, and they often have a hard time letting go of the day-to-day tasks they’ve grown accustomed to doing over the course of years. But, in the end, they must, because their ability to embrace a new role as a leader and what that responsibility entails depends on it. READ FULL ARTICLE>>