Leadership Lessons: Drive a Culture of T.E.A.M. Work to Stay Customer Centered as Generations Change

This was the title of last month’s Leadership Lesson that linked the virtues of T)rust, E)mpathy, A)lignment, and M)otivation directly to the behaviors of your people so as to help create a customer centric culture. It is vital to understand the changing generations of both your customers and — most importantly — your employees. Not appreciating the generational differences may lose you both customers and employees. Knowing the values, virtues and capabilities of each generation will help you retain both. Let’s review the characteristics of each generation focusing on your people.

  • Who joins your organization or to whom do you sell and support,What distinguishing attributes each generation offers, andWhy each generation finds value from your dealership.
To fully understand the various generations, let’s review their behaviors and expectations from their point of viewREAD FULL ARTICLE>>