Keep Them Short

By Garry Bartecki | GB Financial Services LLC Keep your planning process short. From what I see this is a must regarding 2023 and maybe even 2024. The plans I am suggesting for 23 have accounted for not more than three months. You work that plan and while you are doing so you add a month to the three-month plan and subtract the month just completed. You really don’t want to wait until the middle of month 3 to devise the plan for months 4. 5 and 6. You just keep adjusting to having three months on the drawing table at the end of any month. Why am I suggesting this? BECAUSE NO MATTER WHAT YOU HEAR, IT IS STILL SCREWED UP OUT THERE AND WILL PROBABLY BE SO FOR 23 AND INTO 24. Last month’s article by Allen Polk kind of spelled it out for you. The supply chain is still not fixed. Pricing is out of control. The OEM backlog is still not under control. Interest rates doubling over the last year. Customers with needs and problems you cannot solve at this time. Add to that the labor shortage and the need for technology and you find yourself in an almost impossible situation putting a game plan together. READ FULL ARTICLE>>