Keep Budget Analysis and Cash Flow Reports, Projections Current to Manage Construction Business Costs in 2023

By Garry Bartecki, GB Financial Services, LLC If you do not have the time to update financials monthly, outsource the process to a consultant. Time flies, and here I am in the beginning of February, trying to think through how 2023 is going to look for contractors and the economy in general. Some say good. Some say bad. Some say they do not know. But, with every major economic event that takes place, there are those who gain from the event, and those that lose from the event. For contractors, you can qualify that further depending on your location, and if you are in one of the storm or flooding catastrophe areas you have a lot of potential work to do,. If you are not, you maybe have to spend some time figuring out how your market and area of influence will treat you. In either event, your management skills will be called upon to properly manage workflow and cash flow. READ FULL ARTICLE>>