Legal contracts for equipment dealers

James is a business lawyer with more than 25 years in the equipment rental industry. He authored the American Rental Association’s book on rental contracts and represents equipment lessors throughout North America on a wide range of issues.

Parts and service; employee development

Ron Slee is the founder of Learning Without Scars (, which offers training solutions for equipment dealers. A dealer product support expert, Ron has spoken, written and consulted throughout the equipment industry for four decades. Today, he and his organization provide specialized, job-function-based online training classes, skills assessments, seminars and webinars for manufacturers, as well […]

Federal taxes

Steve is vice president and shareholder at Selden Fox. He provides clients with a wide array of technical accounting, tax, financial, estate and succession planning, employee benefits, and international tax planning expertise, as well as merger and acquisition transaction guidance.

State taxes

Jim has over 40 years of diversified international, federal and multi-state and local tax experience, with a specialization in multi-state and local tax consulting since 1995. He has successfully resolved many complex multi-state tax controversies, including appeals and litigation.

Rental issues, dealer operations

A second-generation rental entrepreneur, Larry has 30 years’ experience in the construction industry. His family-owned rental business was listed in Rental Equipment Register’s “Top 50 Rental Companies in the U.S.” before it was sold to Rental Service Corporation (RSC). He is the CEO of Script Intl., a consulting firm that works with clients ranging from […]

Digital Branding

Jessica specializes in beautifying businesses’ web presence with cohesive branding across platforms. She tailors creative content creation to each client’s specific goals using objective data insights and online trends. For the past five years at Galfas Media, she has worked with entrepreneurs around the world. Jessica specializes in translating marketing messaging into the ideal customer’s […]

Dealer digital marketing

Steve is managing director and owner at Winsby Inc. He has over 30 years of experience acquiring and building companies in a wide range of industries, and he specializes in helping owners overcome obstacles.

Dealer financial planning, profitability, mergers and acquisitions

Garry is a leading rental and dealer financial expert who also specializes tax issues and mergers & acquisitions. CFO at Illini Hi-Reach in Chicago, he’s the managing member of GB Financial Services LLP and a consultant to the Independent Equipment Dealers Association.