IEDA Podcast Guest: ‘Everything About Your Company Speaks’ 

This is one you don’t want to miss – one of the host’s favorite episodes yet. Experiences happen to your customers, no matter what. They just do. But ask yourself: Are my customers’ experiences with my business happening by design … or by default? The choice is yours. Customer experience expert Doug Johnson is this month’s featured podcast guest, and his wisdom, creativity, and stories will blow you away – or, more important, will hopefully inspire you to put fresh eyes on your equipment business and apply your own creativity in ways that could totally separate you from the crowd. Would anyone know the difference if a competitor’s name was swapped into your marketing phrases? What really makes you memorable, or even famous? These things are within your control, Johnson says, and he’s about to show you how. Everything in your business speaks, he adds, so what’s it saying? And what do you want it to say? Johnson, who is currently the patient experience officer at a major Midwest hospital, has worked in major league sports, retail, restaurants, and has even trained Santas. He may not talk your equipment language, but he’s the ultimate universal translator of customer-speak – listen in for an eye-opening discussion that could change your business. LISTEN HERE >>