How to Optimize Your Rental Fleet and Cash Flow

By Garry Bartecki, GB Financial Services, LLC – August 31, 2023 One rental expert discusses the ways rental companies can increase their cash flow despite a multitude of challenges that have arisen post-pandemic. I have worked in the rental business in one form or another for the last 40 years. I believe the rental business is one of the best economic segments to work in. It will continue to grow with the American Rental Association Penetration Index increasing for years to come. I was also a CFO for one of the top 100 rental companies for many years and have been through all the financial upsets that came along during that time. Currently, rental companies find themselves in a unique situation generated by the pandemic. We have an equipment shortage, higher prices on both new and used equipment, higher financing costs for both purchases and leases and tougher loan standards when applying for new loans or renewals. These are ALL tough issues to work through, and even more so with management personnel who do not have the experience of working through these types of issues. READ FULL ARTICLE >>