Hire Slow and Wait … Just a Minute Before You Fire Fast

If you’re responsible for direct reports, then you’ve heard the hire slow and fire fast statement. Yea, you may have even heard that from me over the years. Before you actually pull the trigger, I’d like to ask you to consider a few things. Should Management Be Fired First? I am a huge proponent that you make sure that management has done their jobs right before firing someone. Firing someone who’s had a poor manager or having been managed by a poor set of systems and processes is like knowing your car is nearly out of gas and getting on a turnpike and blaming someone else for not putting gas in the car. It’s a recipe for failure and disappointment. Who’s really responsible? In assessing an organization, I would interview key employees. One of the questions centered around their understanding of their job description. I was always curious to learn how close the description is to what really do. It was alarming how many employees didn’t have one or if they did, it didn’t relate to their job functions. READ FULL ARTICLE>>