GOP Infrastructure Proposal Calls for Deep Cuts to Biden Plan

A Republican proposal announced April 22 calls for spending $568 billion over five years on the nation’s infrastructure – about 75% less than President Joe Biden’s plan Sen. Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia said it was “the largest infrastructure investment Republicans have come forward with.” It focuses on what is typically considered infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, transit, water and sewer. It also calls for shoring up any deficits in infrastructure trust funds, such as the Highway Trust Fund. “We’re ready to sit down to get to work on this,” she said at a press conference with three other senators who helped craft the “Republican Roadmap.” The plan would not increase the gas tax, they said. Instead, they called on the plan to be funded by user fees on electric and hybrid vehicle owners that don’t pay as much or any gas tax, repurposing unspent money from Covid-relief legislation, and allowing state funding matches for infrastructure with the additional Covid-relief funding the states. The proposal would leave intact the 2017 tax cuts for corporations, which Biden wants to partially roll back to pay for his $2.25 trillion plan.   READ FULL ARTICLE>>