Going Digital Post Pandemic

Much has been written about what’s happened over the past 2 years due to the pandemic. It has affected millions of people in countless ways. As we near the end of this time, most people will return to working the same way they did before the pandemic and many will wonder why the change they saw over the last 2 years didn’t last. Why didn’t the transition to working from home, hybrid or flexible work stick around. A year ago, in the middle of it, many people talked about how we would never go back, and yet we are. A friend of mine owns a staffing company.  When the pandemic started, they, like most, sent all their staff to work from home. After a few months he made a bold move, he closed and sold the office. He and his leadership team fully embraced the new remote work culture. They made the decision that working remotely was more than just a pandemic need, but a viable long-term solution. Then they did something even more rare, they implemented countless changes to their business process and structure to support making remote work successful. Selling the office was one major incentive but realizing there was a need to adjust how they worked was the most significant change.