Four Ways to Improve Your Sales Communications

By Troy Harrison My friend and speaking coach, Patricia Fripp, has a phrase that I love. She likes to say, “Specificity brings memorability.” She’s right – and she’s getting more and more right every day. What she means is that, when you are speaking (or selling), what sets you apart are the specific details that you bring to the table. For instance, she coaches that you should quote statistics, specific facts, and other details that are “sticky” with the audience, even if they forget most of what you said. Today, there’s another level to that – to sell successfully in 2023 (almost 2024), not only to you have to be specific, you have to be specific to the individual customer. Your customer doesn’t care what you’ve done for your other 99 customers, they care about what you will do for them and their individual situation. That expectation definitely raises the bar for your messaging, but it also creates big opportunities to win business. If you’re still using generic sales pitches (most of us have at one time or another), you’re probably finding that they just don’t cut it anymore. Your customers have come to expect personalized interactions and recommendations tailored specifically to their needs; after all, when Facebook can detect a post you made and then immediately start throwing up ads for related products, we’re in a world where people expect sales and marketing to center around THEM. To effectively sell in this environment, you must improve your sales communications by moving beyond blanket messaging to authentic, one-to-one communication that demonstrates a deep understanding of each customer. READ FULL ARTICLE >>