Extended Warranty Creates Dealer Revenue Stream, Customer Peace of Mind for an Easy Win-Win

As an equipment dealer, moving iron is your business … for customers, iron that moves dirt and materials is theirs. Keeping customers moving can sometimes be less of a consideration at the point of sale, but that’s an oversight dealers should reconsider. Maintaining control of uptime is always on customers’ minds – they are regularly monitoring risk mitigation opportunities to maintain uptime as part of their overall business plan. Leveraging an Extended Warranty/Protection Plan is an efficient, cost effective way to do this. But the benefits are big for equipment dealers, as well. With new or pre-owned equipment, an Extended Warranty/Protection Plan adds value to the marketability of equipment throughout the remarketing sales cycle. Given two previously owned, identical wheel loaders available for sale, it’s the wheel loader with an Extended Warranty/Protection Plan that will generally carry more value than the one without protection. READ FULL ARTICLE>>