Do Online Reviews Really Matter for your Business?

In the digital age, 93 percent of customers say that their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews. And as a small business, your online reputation can directly influence your bottom line. As a business owner, you already know how important your reputation is in your industry. For many of us, we’re only as good as the last job we worked on. What people say about your business matters, and that’s especially true about what customers are saying online. Instead of a happy customer telling five of their friends how amazing your company is, they write an online review and hundreds, possibly thousands, of potential customers see it. Sound great? It is. There is a downside to online reviews, too. If you leave a client on not-so-great terms, they can do serious harm to your reputation with a negative review. But just how important are online reviews? How influential are they to potential clients? Is there a way for you to control what’s said about you online? You might think that online reviews don’t really matter to your customers, especially if they can see your equipment in their neighborhood, visit your website showcasing photos taken by a professional photographer, all while providing the best value services. But if you have a reputation for bad service, all that isn’t worth much. READ FULL ARTICLE>>