Dedicate It To Rental

Early in my career, I worked at an oilfield service company here in Texas. Something I learned there that has always stuck with me is the sense of urgency and the responsiveness to customer needs that were instilled in all levels of the operations. In the oilfield, “time is money”; keep large drilling rigs or large crews waiting on your services and you won’t be back on the next job. Fast forward 10+ years when I joined Rental Service Corp. (RSC).  I came to RSC from an AED type dealer that had what I thought was an active rental department. I thought we were in the “rental business”. What I found at RSC was a much different sense of urgency mentality, similar to what I had experienced in the oilfield.  My thoughts were recently summed up by the head of the rental division of a large AED dealer. As we pulled up to one of their operations, the rental executive motioned to the left where the dealership operations were based and said “Those guys move slow”, then to the right where the rental division was located and said “We move fast.” READ FULL ARTICLE>>