Construction News: President and Senators Agree on Infrastructure-Bill Scope as Construction Spending Slows

News Tracker includes House of Representatives passing a $715 transpo and water bill, what lead to May’s decline in construction spending, status of Miami condo-tower collapse, lumber prices’ June plunge, an optimistic construction forecast into 2022. “We have a deal.” That’s what President Biden told reporters outside the White House recently along with a bipartisan group of senators. They had worked tirelessly on a new $1.2 trillion infrastructure deal that still faces a tough road ahead. The agreement includes $312 billion tied to transportation, $109 billion for roads bridges and major construction, $25 billion for airports and $16 billion for waterways and seaports. The American Council of Engineering Companies projects the bill would boost engineering and design sales by $126 billion over six years, add 82,000 jobs and 62 billion in wages, a significant boost. READ FULL ARTICLE>>