Construction is the No. 1 Target for Ransomware Attacks

Report exposing the industries most likely to be targeted by ransomware gangs shows construction at highest risk. Construction is the No. 1 industry hit by ransomware, according to new desk research by NordLocker.  An analysis of 1,200 companies globally that were hit by cyber extortion between 2020 and 2021 revealed those parts of the market where ransomware is the most widespread. Out of 35 identified industries, the greatest number of ransomware attacks was detected in the construction sector. The 93 companies affected in the construction industry range from established businesses, such as a respected Asia-based group of construction engineering companies that annually consult on projects worth an estimated US$20 billion, to small family-owned enterprises, such as a roofing company in Texas. The findings raise the question: Why do cyber criminals prioritize this particular economic activity? READ FULL ARTICLE>>