Boost Sales by Capitalizing on Digital Customers

By Libby Wawzenek The president of Pied Piper Management Company —a group that helps brands, manufacturers and dealers improve their retail experience — has been working for more than a decade to determine the behaviors that turn shoppers into buyers. “When we enter an industry for the first time, we do the math to measure what steps actually drive sales at the dealership,” O’Hagan says. But his company’s research doesn’t stop at in-person sales. He’s also keen to figure out the important behaviors that drive digital sales – that includes website traffic, online chat, e-mail communication, telephone calls and texting. The information O’Hagan and his team at Pied Piper gathers is compiled in a Prospect Satisfaction Index (PSI), which he calls “fact-based mystery shopping.” “We try not to rely on opinions,” O’Hagan says of the PSI. “We want to focus on the math, focus on the facts. This fact-based approached allows Pied Piper to publish annual industry benchmarking studies.” Those studies can be used by manufacturers and retailers to evaluate the sales behaviors they’re currently using and take note of the impact those behaviors have on customer purchasing. In today’s increasingly digital landscape, O’Hagan knows his customers are particularly focused on one question: “How can I sell more vehicles by paying close attention to customers who contact me through my dealership’s website?” READ FULL ARTICLE>>