Bobcat Developing “Touchscreen Windows” for Construction Equipment

Like a cellphone or computer, the widgets and apps on the concept transparent OLED screen being developed by Bobcat and LG can be moved around or cleared with simple drag and drop functions. Doosan Bobcat, in partnership with LG Electronics, is working on the development of a transparent Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) touch display that will appear directly on a machine’s window. The prototype provides a transparent, engaging touch display embedded within the glass structure of the operator’s cab. The display, which operators can see through to also view the jobsite, can be positioned on the front windshield or a side window. The key is that it is not only a screen, but it’s a window. This allows operators to seamlessly view both the jobsite around them while using the front windshield or side window as a large customizable touchscreen. Currently, the transparent OLDE can be attached to the window, but in the future, the screen will be embedded into the window itself, so it is the window. “Instead of working off a 5- or 7-inch monitor, it’s your whole window,” said Brody Rohlfs, Bobcat innovation concept and insights specialist. “The intent is to better link the operator to the jobsite with as much information as possible at their fingertips.” READ FULL STORY >>