Best Practices for Getting the Greatest Value When Selling Used Equipment

The used equipment market is hot right now. If you’re doing “Spring cleaning” in your fleet, make sure you understand your options to get the best value from each machine. The days are longer. The workdays are busier. After more than 25 years in the equipment industry, I still love this time of year. There is always a lot of energy and enthusiasm in the Spring. Each day adds a few more minutes of daylight and productivity, and even in areas where seasonal factors are low impact, work tends to ramp up after slowing down during the winter. Spring also presents a great time for spring cleaning, but not the typical spring cleaning that likely just came to mind.

Spring Cleaning a Fleet

By this time, most companies have done annual machine inspections and service, and it is now a great time for equipment managers to do their own version of spring cleaning with their fleet. The used equipment market is hot. New machines are tougher to get and uncertainty is still looming from the pandemic – a combination that results in demand for quality, pre-owned machines being high right now. Auctions are ramping up and, while they are not seeing the pre-pandemic volume of used machines, the prices they are selling for are high. It is a trend that looks to continue throughout 2021. This puts owners in prime position to sell used equipment.   READ FULL ARTICLE>>