Are We Really Living Through A Rudeness Pandemic At Work?

In a pandemic that has underlined our shared vulnerability and responsibility towards one another, surely rudeness is something that will have fallen by the wayside? Research from the University of Central Florida suggests that may be a hasty assumption, at least in the workplace. The study reveals that 98% of employees have experienced some kind of rude behavior at work, but that the vast majority of our relationships at work are not characterized by rudeness, with this instead limited to isolated incidences of incivility. “Because prior research suggests workplace mistreatment is harmful and widespread, it is often called an epidemic, but our findings show that rude behavior is less like the flu and more like cholera,” the researchers say. “It is still harmful, but far less common, and outbreaks are often traced to a single source—much like a contaminated water pump.” READ FULL ARTICLE>>