Achieving Peak Performance: What Should I Be Marketing If I Don’t Have Inventory?

Find creative ways to market your other departments when new wholegoods inventory is hard to come by.

You can’t get units to sell, but you have customers calling, emailing and waltzing into your dealership, asking you to take their cash. What’s a dealership owner or manager to do? Should you stop marketing if you can’t get wholegoods inventory to sell? The quick answer is a resounding no, you shouldn’t stop marketing, but how you market each department will be slightly different than what you have experienced in the past. You have to consider two things: what do you have inventory of and how it will solve your customer’s pain point.

Marketing Inventory in the Service Department

In your service department, your inventory is your technician’s time. That’s right, every day, you buy 8 hours from every technician. What you don’t use gets thrown away, never to be reclaimed. If you aren’t selling 8 hours a day per technician, you have excess inventory, and I want you to market that. Specifically, one thing you can market in service is high-capacity service days. To put it simply, a high-capacity day is where we take easy jobs and stack them over the course of one day and get as many done as we possibly can. To do a high-capacity service day, there are a few simple steps to follow: READ FULL ARTICLE>>