A Winner or a Loser?

I spend hours on a daily basis reading and listening to information regarding the equipment industries, rental industries, and the economy in general. Summing up all that has transpired and presented to me by various sources since the beginning of the year have provided me with enough to write a book about. But don’t worry, we will cover the major points in this month’s contribution to MHW. I decided on the Winner/Looser title after attending an online seminar presented by Nomi Prins via Rouge Economics. I really enjoy her almost daily emails and find them quite useful. In an event, Nomi started the presentation by stating that every time Congress passes a major spending bill both private and public companies will EITHER fall on the “WINNER” side or the “LOSER” side because of the changes in our laws or plans contained in the spending bill. Kind of makes sense. Nomi then went through a few examples, and it even made more sense. READ FULL ARTICLE>>