7 Social Media Blunders That Are Burning Your Brand (and How to Avoid Them)

For brands, most social media mistakes are self-inflicted. Learn the most common social media faux pas and how to prevent an online crisis before it starts. Depending on how you use it, social media can either be a digital marketing darling — one that consistently cultivates brand sentiment and strong emotional connections among your customers — or a resource-draining wasteland, positioning your business as out of touch or, even worse, a pariah to be mocked or even avoided altogether. Unfortunately, many new small businesses find themselves in the latter category, struggling to make those critical connections with social media users and avoid the social media fails that so often undermine your brand image and outreach strategy. Such self-inflicted wounds not only hurt your social media efforts; they can often do major reputational damage that dings brand integrity and revenue over the long run. READ FULL ARTICLE>>