6 Ways to Create a Successful Service Department

Measure your team’s performance on these critical service department fundamentals. Nothing has the ability to drive more net profit to the bottom line of a dealership than a well-run service department. The service department impacts every aspect of a dealership so its improvement is critical to your success. We need to get the repair fixed right, communicate well with the customer, and get it back in their hands. Regardless of what you sell or what type of shop you might have, dealers share several fundamental metrics. Measure how you are performing using a 1-5 scale, with 1 being terrible and 5 being no room for improvement. 1. Customer Experience The shop is critical because if you perform well, people will come back and buy more. If the customer has a bad experience, you may not sell to them again. Define the customer experience you want to achieve; measure how you are meeting that goal; and then hold accountable those employees who influence that experience. A first step toward a positive customer experience is to provide the estimated repair completion time. Follow up with a phone call within 24 hours, regardless of whether work has been done or not. Keep them in the loop and be clear regarding the completion time. Another aspect to the customer experience is the service fee. Create parameters for what the work will cost and, again, keep the customer informed. When the work is completed, deliver a product back to them that is not only fixed, but cleaner than when it was brought in. Finally, follow up with the customer to ensure the equipment is still running smoothly. 2. Quality of Work It’s critical that you have time built into your jobs to ensure repairs have been done correctly. Your quality assurance process should also define what you will do if the customer says the equipment is still not working properly. The best approach is… READ FULL ARTICLE>>