5 Key Takeaways From AEM’s Member Surveys on Supply Chain Issues

The last two years haven’t been easy for equipment manufacturers, component manufacturers and the agriculture and construction customers they serve. Since COVID-19 emerged in early 2020, AEM has continued to engage our members regarding the impact of the pandemic and other major economic trends through our quarterly Industry Conditions Surveys and Market Outlook Webinars. And what we’ve discovered through our efforts to collect AEM members’ views on the state of the industry is, over the last 12 months, we’ve seen an increasing number voice their  concerns and communicate their struggles with supply chain issues. In response, we’ve made a concerted effort early on this year to not only better understand the scope of the supply chain issues our members face, but also determine the major shortages and bottlenecks, as well as identify potential solutions to these supply chain issues. It’s safe to say we’ve learned a lot from engaging our members, and we appreciate those who have been willing to share their experiences, perspectives and concerns. READ FULL ARTICLE>>