3 Reasons Your Business is Not Profitable Part 2

REASON #2: Not Understanding the Flow of Money

It’s reportedly unhealthy for people not to breathe in and out regularly, so why expect this from your business?

 As was mentioned in Reason #1 of the 3 Reasons Your Business is Not Profitable, understanding how your behavior impacts the outcome (money) is an important place to start. Not understanding how to control the flow of money in and out of the business will remove all the value you gained by working through Reason #1. Just like the human body breaths oxygen in and carbon dioxide out, so does a business system breath cash in and cash out. The only difference is that humans do this automatically without thinking…most of the time! On the other hand, a business only has the owner to regulate the amount of cash-in and cash-out of the company. The business owner’s problem is not understanding this rhythm and making decisions that do not lead to profitability. READ FULL ARTICLE >>