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The ability of the IEDA to promote participation, professionalism and advancement in the independent distribution of heavy equipment depends solely on the support of its members. The IEDA is a non-profit trade association developed in 2002 to support
Independent Equipment Dealers worldwide.
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Membership Benefits

Standard Membership Benefits- $1,350 Annually

  • IEDAUSED.COM – Inventory Management for Members
  • Daily “Want To Buy” Email
  • Group Insurance Plans
  • LinkedIn Member Forum
  • Quarterly Newsletter “The Independent”
  • Half-page company listing in IEDA Dealer Directory
  • Company listing on “Members” page at – includes logo/link
  • Company listing on “Members Map”
  • Ability to request quotes from Associate Members online
  • IEDA Standardized Inspection Reports
  • – Machinery Trader site for IEDA Members only
  • Discounts and incentives from 30+ Associate Members
  • IEDA Annual Meeting & Sporting Events
  • IEDA “Meet & Greets” and “Pre-Auction Gatherings”
  • UPS Discount Program

Associate Membership Benefits- $1,750 Annually

  • Direct and immediate access to 125+ equipment dealers who are buying, selling, renting and moving iron every day
  • Group Insurance Plans
  • LinkedIn Member Forum
  • Ability to receive requests for quotes directly from IEDAUSED.COM
  • Logo and link on IEDA homepage at IEDAGROUP.COM
  • Member listing on “Associate Members” page at IEDAGROUP.COM
  • Company listing on “Members Map”
  • Half-page company listing in the IEDA Dealer Directory
  • Company listing in “New Member Highlights” section of quarterly newsletter
  • Exposure in IEDA Monthly Update
  • Invitations to participate in all IEDA Events
  • Opportunity to offer webinars to group on request
  • Opportunities to offer special incentives or discount pricing to the group at any time

Ned Connolly, Past President of the IEDA, shared these thoughts on the value of the IEDA.

“The IEDA, if used properly, can be a conduit for any number of opportunities and challenges. We “traders” have a tendency to stay within a very small circle of other traders. The IEDA provides a vehicle for widening and broadening our sphere of influence beyond where we would normally go.

Being independently owned and operated provides each of us with incredible flexibility both professionally and personally. It also represents considerable risk. We individually and collectively encounter any number of issues with which we have little to no experience and find more often than not that we are recreating the wheel. The IEDA membership provides a wealth of information from an incredibly diverse group of professionals. This wealth of information is free for the asking from all members. The topics and areas of challenge run the gamut from import/export questions, to title lien issues, to EPA to machine application…and on and on.

The IEDA has provided support on any number of issues pertinent to our industry, most recently and specifically EPA certifications and suit brought by Caterpillar against companies within our ranks. Moving forward, the IEDA Board of Directors will continue working to enhance benefits to IEDA members and to provide networking opportunities that will further relationship building among the group.”

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